I've never written an article before. It's an experience I haven't had in my life before, and I'm all for new things. So here I am writing about writing, the new Foster the People album playing in the background. I've never believed myself to be a good writer; I always thought myself unimaginative or uneducated in the art of writing. So I thought that maybe this way a good place to start and get better, it's also a good outlet to sink my teeth into. I can throw my emotions, thoughts, feelings, desires, and inspirations into these articles. Art, Poetry, People, Movies, or Music. They're so many things to write about, things to say to people I haven't met. My opinions, my thoughts, my feelings, all out in the open for the world to read. It's exhilarating and terrifying. So many opinions are here, so many people are reading things I write, and it's scary, and exciting at the same time. Only time will tell how this will go, so will just have to wait and see.