Once in your life there are moments you feel so full of happiness that makes your eyes tear waterfalls of joy.

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A human being is really fragile, and Im not saying this for the fact that at any moment we can die. Is because when we feel to much sadness we cry also when we feel to much happiness, We are so vunerable at feelings because sometimes we dont have the strength of handle it.

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I felt that kind of feeling, maybe for you the one whos reading this at moments that doesnt seem so meaningful. But they are to me.

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When Im cleaning my room with music on full volume and for a moment I can be in my own paradise without words of judgment.

When I see my mom and little sis laughing.

When Im in my best friends car, singing Taylor Swift songs to the guys who were really stupid to let us go.

When Im with all my friends and someone say something stupid that you cant stop lauging.

When I feel like I can do anything just because Im reading my favorite book or listen the lyrics of a song,

When Im with my friends.

When I see happiness in my great-grandmother eyes when I got to visit her.

If you have little moments like this in your life, cherish them, because when you get old and look back, no matter if you were hurt more than once or If you had moments that you felt like you just cant go on anymore..

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Those are the moments that make a difference and bring a smile on your face at any circumstances.