Currently, I am on my way to a whole new city to get lost in, my adventure for this slow weekend. I say slow as I am stuck in traffic so what better time to be inspired and write while I wait. Liverpool, a place famously know for giving us The Beatles, many museums and galleries, the world's first passenger railway line and many more historical things and people.

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The Beatles

So what best to write about but different cities and all there beauty. I haven't been to many cities at all so this article will contain places I have been to and some I would like to go to.


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The capital of the U.K. Best known for the landmarks and sites, Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and The British Museum. When I go here I feel like home, the rush and adrenaline from the busy streets and small coffee shops somehow give me a sense of comfort in the strangest way possible. Don't even get me started about the underground, I love it, it's full of a blur of people, all different backgrounds and passions. No one knows me or my name a place packed with a great mosaic crowd.

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So how does this make me feel a sense of security and home? I could start a fresh new me here and no one would know my past. It is a place full of new opportunities and places to go. Small restaurants and cafés to visit, new books on high shelves to discover and discuss with strangers. It is always alive and never sleeping, the street artists amaze the tourists from all around the world. It feels like a second home to me. My home away from home.


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Ahhh, Paris the city of love and romance. Some of the best architectural buildings made here. The Louvre, Notre-Dame, the Arc De Triomphe or the most well known one, the outstanding Eiffel Tower. Maybe you enjoy the place more for Disney Land Paris and prefer to embrace your inner child. If you were to ask someone who lived in Paris what they thought about the city, they would reply "I don't like the place" or something along those lines yet they stay. In my eyes it is one of the prettiest places on earth and I hope to travel there again in the future with friends and hopefully go to it for romantic getaways.

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I have one strong memory from one of the times I went, I have always kept it to myself as a moment to treasure only for me and the people in the moment, but I will tell you and we can share this treasured moment. I was visiting the city on my holidays, I was sitting with my family on a bench next to the River Seine waiting as the sun set in the coloured pink sky for the Tower lights to turn on and glisten against the dark sky. I remember reading a book about two lovers meeting for the last time, all I can say about this book is that it was a good book to read while in Paris.

My family were chattering away and catching up while I was looking up from my book gazing at the people walking past. Opposite, on the other side of the river was a couple I was not really paying much attention to them until when I looked carefully I see this French man was holding something behind his back the women unaware. Watching in awe this man got down on his knee and proposed to the women it was the most fucking beautiful thing I had ever seen. She said yes by the way, and the man had his timing right on queue as when she excitedly nodded and hugged him the lights of the tower turned on behind them. It was a moment as if from a movie scene and so decided to keep to myself and to treasure it's beauty. My family were so intrigued by the tower turning on to see this happy couple opposite us, so I never mentioned it to them or to any friends, my own little memory of Paris and it's wonders. So you can see why I like the place so much.


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I have been to the city of Edinburgh many times and there is definitely a few of my favourite places to go. The best time to visit it in my opinion is during The Fringe Festival as the place is crowded with loads of different musical artists and comedy shows that come from all over the world. If you want a place to relax and read or go for a stroll I would say go the majestic Princes Street Gardens, and just opposite these gardens is princes street shopping lane.

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I do not have much to say about Edinburgh accept from how good it is as I often go there to spend time with distant friends and family. It is a great place to go as you will find any kind of entertainment you want to see. Try the camera obscura or go visit greyfriars bobby statue, you could even go to the cafe were J.K Rowling wrote some of her books.

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I hope you enjoyed this article and that it wasn't too long. I have so many ideas on what to write for my next few articles, and I hope you like them all. I have made a collection now for all my own photos and acticles, it would mean so much to my if you could like them or maybe give them a follow.

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Anyway goodbye for now i leave you for another day. If you would like to send me a postcard about anything or send me a DM on my instagram @losingsleeps!

Hugs. Ren. x