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Hello, everyone!
Thank you for deciding to read my article.

This is my first article on WHI. I was quite shy and hesitant to post an article. It took me a day or two to decide whether I should write or not.
Because I'm not a writer, the only time I've written anything is either in a notebook or in a diary. But I love reading novels, short stories, and articles. For me, It's always been a great escape from reality.

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As we all know WHI has launched 'Articles', I can see lots of articles from creative and talented people. I think it's really beautiful to read stories, thoughts, and articles from their point of view, and I couldn't stop myself from writing a one.

However, I'm curious and excited at the same time, about "what's I'm gonna write next?" It's like discovering myself as a writer, which is totally new to me and definitely gonna be a learning experience in either way.

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"Life is a journey. The only impossible journey is the one you never begin".

I've joined WHI a few months ago, and it won't be wrong if I'd say I've fallen in love with WHI since the day one. There's no drama and negativity. WHI has always given me inspiration and positive vibes. To be honest, Joing WHI is the best decision I've made so far.

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Hope you are all having an amazing day/night.

spread peace, love, and happiness. 💜

~ Aureolin xo