hey guess what!
you: what?
Taylor Swift released a new song!
many fans think it is a diss track to kanye and katy perry! i agree. the soundtrack sounds like a scene from mean girls and also listen to this line that makes me think that it is katy perry related "I've got a list of names and yours is in red underlined" in the burn book, on mean girls everyone's names are in red underlined. Katy Perry said on a social media to Taylor that she is a Regina George.
Kanye dissed:
Okie so when Taylor talks about a tilted stage we ALL got that reference i don't have to even explain it.
yes Taylor dissed Kim AND Kanye. remember when Kim recorded a secret phone call and shared it with the public? well Taylor basically recreated the phone call. the one thing that i wonder is who is she mad at? the old taylor that would have shaken it off, is dead