With your permission, today I would like to tell you about my new life. After I've graduated from school, I've been enrolled in Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture. It was my dream to study in this wonderful city. But obviously, like typical freshmen I'm afraid a lot. There are so much new things around me like living alone in my own flat, housekeeping, cost accounting and others. Of course, my parents taught me everything, but I suggest it will be hard to cope with loneliness. Despite of the fact that I love to spend my free time listening to music on full blast or walking down the park alone, I hardly get used to the feeling of insecurity. Since I've moved to my new apartment, I was sure that I'm protected by my Mum. She always was ready to help me (as well as now, certainly), or to give me useful advice. However, currently, I feel different. I'm afraid of being unnesessary, closed, unfriendly or something like that. While I lived with my parents, I felt I am important for them. In a big city you understand you don't need anyone. At the same time, big cities give you big opportunities, so accept it! New acquaintances, new difficulties, new impressions and feelngs - that's all what the freshmen will experience soon. I hope I'm not alone and someone as well as me has these fears and feel simular. I'm with you, guys!

Ps. I apologize for my spelling mistakes, but I will study English more depth in my University, so I will correct soon :)