Hi, im trini, i started college about a week ago and its getting really hard, so im going to post some tips that sometimes works for me, so i hope they work for you.
xo T

  • Organized your material, its very important that you have all of your things near you, so that way you don't get distracted.
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  • Highlight everything you think it's important, so later when you read it again , you're going to understand better.
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  • I used post it to study, it helps me to understand important things, or when you need to learn something in specific, you can write it in there, and put it wherever you want.
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  • Drink coffee or tea, drink something hot it's relaxing, so you're not going to be super stressed.
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  • Have a planner, so you can write down when you have a test or a big exam, that way you're not going to be lost with the days and you can be prepared for everything.
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  • And finally, take little breaks to eat a snack or go for a walk. The brain only focus 20 minutes, then you get distracted, so if you go for a 5 minute walk, you're going to have a fresh mind, and you're ready to keep going.
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I hope you like this article, im going to keep posting things, so if you want me to talk about something in specific, feel free to dm me, love you, xo T