Alohaa! My name is Kelly and welcome to my second WeHeartIt article on Study tips ! Before we start i would like to say thank you all so much for the love and support on my first article - it means the world to me ♥

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No lyrics while studying! I found this so interesting but your brain is 'wired' to process language. Even if you think you're ignoring the lyrics, your brain is subconsciously working to decode it- so avoid music with lyrics - listen to classical music ; plus research have shown that if you study with classical music you're more likely to remember the information.


Change the scenery or your study environment, this tip works for me - i was studying on my desk all day and i found that i started loosing motivation. However if you go outside or study in a different room / new environment it changes your perception and makes you more willing to study.


Before i ignored this tip but so many people do it and recently i decided to give it a try and it actually works so well.Making a to-do list at the beginning of the day or when you get home from school makes you more motivated to complete the goals that you've written down and helps you get things done.


It's all about time management people! I am literally the queen of procrastination and time management isn't my speciality but for time management i make to-do lists and i set time limits on studying. Eg. 1hour of whatever subject i feel like i need to work the most on, 45mins chemistry then I would take a 10min break. Doing this helps you stop procrastinating and you can get everything done in time.


Never leave things last minute.I would be lying if i said i never leave things to last minute. But try and do your homework the night you're given it and space out your study sessions - don't over study! If you complete your work as soon as you can then you'll have so much more free time to do whatever you want later on.


This is my favourite tip because it's perfect if you don't have much time
and you have a test or essay the next day. Review your notes or essay right before you sleep. Your brain strengthens new memories during sleep meaning that you'll remember it the next morning better.

That is all the study tips i have for you in this article. I might do a part 2 to this depending on how helpful you guys find these tips. I will be posting a new article every Sunday and one on a random day Mon-Sat. Thank you so much for reading my second article and i hope these tips help you for back to school !

Kelly xx

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