3rd article of the day! I really love coming on here and just writing. Anyways you guys know really little about me, so why not make this an article? Hope you learn somethings about me!

How I first got started:

I was first introduced to WHI by my older sister, she does not use it anymore, but at the time I saw her use it and it looked so much fun! So I rushed to get my phone and download it. After only an hour I was hooked!


Some stuff about me!

I'm 14 years old (freshman in high school)
I have a nose piercing on my right side
I love traveling, someday I want to live in France
I'm (lethally) obsessed with Harry Potter
I love books, movies, and music (in that order)
I want to start a YouTube channel
Any moment to be sarcastic I will grab it
I guess that's it for now


If you have any other questions, you can message me or send a postcard! I'm here and I'll listen to you for anything you need.