(I'm french so be indulgent if i do mistakes ^^)

Hi guys ! First I would like to thank we heart it to finnaly put online the new update, i was so so exited !!

But I write this article to you for you to discover my world, my mind, my tastes (music, books...) because I noticed that i don't know you and you don't know me, for the most part of you, is it Alex ? ;)

To start, I'm in love with books, music, cakes and Brandon Woelfel ^^ .

My favs books are Harry Potter and I read police novels, I love suspence !

I like wasting my time on social networks but I work also don't worry ! By the way I have pretty goods grades in general. --> 15 or 16 for the people who are noted on 20. What is the equivalent of B.

My favs singers are : Eminem, Ariana Grande, Melanie Martinez (go check their collections!) for the americans singers. But i also listen to french rap like : Colombine and Lorenzo (I concil you to listen to their musics --> "enfants terribles" and "les prélis" for Colombine and "freestyle du sale", "fume à fond" and "beurette de luxe" for Lorenzo. Oops and please don't search the translation, it's vulgar oops.. :( XD I also listen to "humble" and "or nah" ^^) AND I ALSO listen to the new songs like, Issues, Look what you make me do, Shout out to my ex...
In my college,I'm part of the journal club and I love it because I wanna become a feminist journalist !!

Outside the college I pratice Gymnastic Rythmic, swimming and dance modern jazz.

And you? What are your tastes, your futur projects? ^^
I'm all ears if you wanna share your préférences in private !

To know how old I am and so on, go send me private message ^^

Love you more more than chocolate guys <3