We all go through the course of life never ever really knowing where it would take us. At this point of time we might be at a place where we are all comfortable of and in the next few days, weeks, months, years, it would all get suddenly different. Either bad different or good different. Losing two of of your loved ones in a row is never an easy thing. Especially when both of them had been your rock. Someone that you expected you could rely on when times would get hard. But people, will still be just like how the rest are. They come and they go. For whatever circumstances that they are trying to work in. The thing is, we are all trying to live.
Grief, the pain of loss and a heart break might be too much to take in one platter but I won't be giving up on that hope that one day, things would eventually get better. And I hope everyone else would never get tired finding that hope even at the darkest time or part of their lives. As long as we are all alive, we should never get tired living. We should get up each day stronger and better. Cliche it might sound but you'll never really understand those words until you're faced with a tough situation where you don't have an option but to be STRONG.

you have to get up and live before you start hitting rock bottom.
The world won't stop turning just because you lost something. It goes on and life goes on so..

Be tough <3

P.S i found this image as my cover photo on Pinterest that actually made me realize that there is still hope.

credits: http://pin.it/UWy3zHg