Greetings lovelies!
I recently got to know about this new amazeballs feature on weheartit making it all the more loveable. Writing is something i have loved since i was 12 and this love has grown bigger during the last few years.
There are times when i canโ€™t wrap my head round my own emotions and thoughts. Times when i fail to comprehend why i am feeling the way i am and times when everything feels too disappointing, too hurtful and too alien to me. This world stops being meaningful and some kind of loneliness/sadness grips me tight. those are the times when i need to write more than ever. It comes as naturally to me as breathing, if not more.
A pain rises beneath the walls of my chest and somehow my lungs refuse to function. It suddenly grows to include my entire body. Gripping it with an unknown fear/uncertain emotion. Soon enough i find my cheeks flushed and face wet with tears i didnโ€™t realise were dripping down my eyes. Those are the times when writing seems like the only option, either on my diary or on here.

Something happened, seemingly insignificant that left an imprint on my mind. I need to register how i feel at that point of time, uncertain if that palpable change in my mindset would exist after two years or two months or even two days. I want to freeze the emotion just like many freeze moments with a picture. Thatโ€™s when my laptop/pen comes as a dear friend assuring me that it has got my hurricanes of emotions catalogued.
Writing is the only way i have to know myself better and to let these bottled up emotions out into the universe. No one knows but yeah my words are somewhere out there, helping me now and may be someone else in future.
Hopefully you will be seeing more of me around here. And i promise to take time out to write more and post more.
till then, i hope life treats you well.
Until we meet again,