Before you're like I ain't gonna read such a long article and leave, trust me it won't be a disappointing one. That been said, lets read

People have always been influenced by one or the other when it comes to, who they are and who they should become.

Someone, be it from their family, friends, or themselves, at some point, have compared themselves to someone else, someone they're not.

What they don't know is that every single one of the 7.3 billion humans on earth is different in every aspect, be it the hairs they have, how they look, their eyes, mind, the way they think, how intelligent they are, their knowledge, learning power, EVERYTHING. Not even the twins, who are born in the same second, are identical.

Have you ever looked at someone, someone you admire or who inspires you to do more? You want to do everything they did to achieve what they've achieved. You want to be just like them, if possible be them. It's a good thing to have someone like that, but to lose yourself in the process of becoming someone other than yourself, is definitely not.

Here's the thing, they are who they are and you are who you are. That's how it should be, but people often mix the two and get upset and stresses out.

If you choose to become them, you will lose yourself, your identity, which remember, makes you that one person who is completely different from all those 7.3 billion plus humans out there.

But if you still want to become like one of them, you'd be lying and cheating to yourself, your very existence.

Let me give you an example:

When your idols were working on their dream, they didn't wanted to become somebody else, they wanted to become the very best of themselves.

Do you think if Bill Gates wanted to become somebody else when he was working hard, or if he had compared himself to somebody, there wouldn't have been the Bill Gates that we all know, today, isn't it.

Of course he might've had someone who inspired him or he looked forward to but he didn't tried to change himself to be like them, instead he worked on himself, he created his own image, he showed the world that there's only one Bill Gates and that he is very original. The one we know today very well.

What do I mean by that you may ask?

Work on yourself, don't try to copy anyone. If you do what they did, you will become just another copy of them and nobody will know you.

It's like having your own name but people call you with the name of a different person. Tell me how would that feel to you.? To be called with a name that's not yours?

Do you want people to be like, "Oh, you know, she/he(you) is just like her/him(the person you're comparing yourself to or trying to become that you are not just cause that person is famous)", but then, nobody knows you.

I bet you don't, so why should you try or even thinking about comparing yourself to others when you can give the very best of yourself to the world.

Do you want people to recognise you as someone who looks like somebody else, or do you want people to recognise you for who you truly are.?

Ask yourself this question and think many, and for a long time before answering, and be honest when you answer it. Nobody else but it's your life that depends on it.

I know many of you don't like yourself. You hate how you look or how someone else got higher marks than you in school even when you think you worked more than them. It's true, we all have been there.

Trust me, I'm the very best at it but I never wanted to become someone else that I'm not, truth is I did too, but never really wanted to when think of my life, but hey, if given a chance to become anybody I could, no matter how much I hate myself or want to change, I'd still choose me.

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The day you know this, is the day you start your journey to become the best version of yourself.

Here's the thing, I know the path I've walked on in life, the things I've been through, the constant disappointment I've received from people I'd never expect from, all these have made me who I am today and I bet all the money in the world that nobody would've been able to do and make it out of what I have faced in life.

That's the very reason why we are unique. God gave us this life to be who we are and not to become somebody else, if that was the case, he would've made us like that 'somebody' when we were given this life to live.

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You were chosen to be the way you are, today and for the rest of your life. Be proud of it.

Stop comparing and start working.

Be the very best of what a human could possibly be but without changing yourself for anybody or into somebody you are not.

Let them get high marks; work hard and get higher marks than them, it's as simple as that. Like their cars, phone, clothes? Work for it and get them for yourself. Show them, don't cry or feel sad about it.

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It's not bad to have someone in your life who inspires you, maybe your idol, but trying to become who they are, is. Try to become the very best of who you are.
Whatever you do, do it with your heart, with your own style and originality.

"There's only one you, and that's the biggest and the most powerful weapon you have and need, to face the world."

_ Written by RKG