Chapter 3

It was a few months after that incident that another one occurred. I was going all well and good, I had friends, I was less awkward around other people, and I got all my class work done as well. I should have known it would be too good to be true.


"That was some tough magyk practice, Theo." James panted, lapping up his water, almost like an animal would, which is funny as he is a werewolf. When I found out, I felt like such an idiot after living around them for years. It was quite obvious, now that I thought about it.

As for En, well, nobody really knows what he does, apart from a few select teachers, himself, and of course, me. Well, the other me.

My demon had being doing WAY too much scheming for my liking, and that involved ways of destroying the 'annoying telepathic telekinesis kid', which I assumed was En, because nobody really bothers to hide what they can do.

Apart from En, and myself that is.


"Door, come over here!" Shouted Kami from behind me, and instantly I smiled. I don't get it, but somehow she always puts a smile on my face. Ever since she woke me up, the energetic red head wouldn't leave me alone, not for longer than three days at least. But I didn't mind, as whenever she came to talk, or passed me in the hall, my mood lifted. For a while I questioned what it was, but I dismissed it as being glad to have friends.

You're in love, stupid. Why can't you admit it to yourself, or are you just extremely oblivious? I can't believe I'm living in the body of an idiot.

As an instinctive reaction to my demon, I scowled, rolling my eyes. "Oh, sorry, do you not feel like talking now. That's fine, see ya round, Door." I tried to say something, but the words wouldn't come out.

You can't even say anything to the girl you like, how pitiful. She's second, after that En fellow.

"JUST SHUT UP!" I yelled at the tree in front of me as my anger started to boil inside of me.

That's it, Theo.

''Hey, are you okay?" The world spun around me, my vision blurred.

"He's just having a bad day because he can't do any magyk." Someone snickered behind me.

"Ha, look at him, he's turning red with embarrassment."

Looking down, I saw my arms turning a deeper shade of crimson by the second. Oh, no.

"RUN!" I shouted, before all my vision turned black.


Demon Pov

"Um, what just happened?" Brat 1 asked. Don't judge, I couldn't be bothered to remember their names.

"Is he okay?" Brat 2 wondered, shaking.

"Why don't you ask me yourself if you wanna know?" I ask, stretching my body. Brat 2 sighed in relief. "Theo, thank goodness you are okay! I thought that you would loose control in your form. Is this new?"

I looked at him, a plan already formulating in my mind. "Um, yeah. I don't know how this happened. It must be my magyk-"

I stared at my hands in pretend amazement at they erupt into flames. Oh how I missed the feeling of punching someone in the stomach, the blood on my hands as they coughed it up violently. The sheen of blood, radiating because of my flames. Being in complete control of 'Door', as that girl likes to call him.

Why are you thinking about Kami?

Speak of the devil, -

Why. If you hurt her, I will destroy you, smash you into oblivion.

I was simply thinking of the nickname she gave you. And besides, this is fun. It seems that you can stay awake when I take control now.

You won't be in control for long.

Even so, I will make the most of what little time I have.

What are you planning?

I can't tell you.

You aren't exactly hiding it from me either. My thoughts are yours, yours are mine.

I am holding you to that, Theo.


"What else can you do?" Brat 1 questioned, people now swarming me to admire my form.

"I think I can fly, and it is obvious that I have fire magyk, but the strength of it is still unclear." I responded, a little too quickly. Nobody seemed to notice my odd behaviour though, but the real show will begin later.


She is gaping at you, her beautiful brown eyes, surprised, and excited for you. You already ruined my life, what are you gonna do now, steal her too? Hurt her in front of  me, forcing me to watch.

Now, now, Theo. Who said anything about stealing her or hurting her. I'm gonna make it quick, she'll be gone and you'll move on with your life.

Just like every other time.




My energy drained, faster than I anticipated.

You sure have grown stronger, Theo.

Stronger, but not strong enough.

Chapter 4

Pain. That was all I could feel as I struggled against my demon, fighting for control. I could tell that he wasn't too bothered about taking control anymore, but why?

Don't worry, I'm not exactly hiding it from you

Shut up.

Aw, is poor, little, baby Theo annoyed?

Don't call me that.


Nevermind. Like you would understand.

Of course I would understand, I was born from you. From your hatred. And boy did you have lots. You hated everything from a kid. The people who were smiling and happy. You wanted that. The people who looked down on you. You despised that. Your parents who were afraid of you-

Didn't I tell you to shut up already, you filthy scumbag.

When no response was heard, I put all of my energy into taking control, which I did with ease. Except that it took me down with it. The last thing I remembered was seeing Kami's face, red hair swaying as she cushioned my fall.


Blistering heat. Embers burning brightly, illuminating the suburbs like stars.

"I HATE YOU ALL!" I had shouted, hair coloured charcoal black, eyes hungry for blood.

Stop, please!

There was a part of me that longed to be happy, that longed to do good and protect those that I loved. And so, the separation begun.

(D is current demon, G is the good part of Theo, T is the current Theo looking at the situation in his dream)

D: Who the heck are you?

G: I just want this to stop, the pain, the resentment.


G: Anger issues much? I just want my family, to be loved. I am you.

D: A chicken like you, saying we are equals?

G: You know you always wanted a proper family, one that looked at you with warmth and care, not with fear, nor hatred. I do too.

T: What is this? A dream, no a memory?

D: Kid, get out of my body.

G: You can't get rid of me, for I am you.


What was that? Ach, my head!

I was lying in a bed in the school hospital, covered in sweat. My head was pounding like a drum, memories flooding back during each beat.

"Theo? Theo!"


"Yeah. I don't know if this is too soon, but can you tell me what happened?"

"No." The harshness of my words surprised even myself. Even though it hurt to push her away, I had to, for her own safety.

"That's okay, I get that it will be hard to talk about it now, it'll still be sinking in."

"You don't get it do you, Kami. I can't tell you, ever. I can't risk hurting you." I felt a sharp pain in my chest, but I pushed it down.

Stop, please!

The same voice from my dream.

"What on earth are you doing here, you piece of garbage!"

Those 11 words were barely audible, but they came out. Intended for the voice in my head. But Kami wouldn't know that, she couldn't know that.

"When we were in your dorm a few months ago, you said 'You won't loose me.' At first I thought that it meant that whatever it was wouldn't kill you, but I began to think that you wouldn't leave me as a friend, either.

You've become more distant lately, I can tell. And now, I know how you feel. Whether this was a game, some cruel joke, or whether it was genuine, I deserve to know what happened.

Friends are supposed to be there for each other, to support them through the tough times and hardships. To share the pain. Obviously I wasn't as important to you as I thought. So don't worry about breaking things off with me, you won't need to."

The next few words were what really hurt. The words I truly deserved.

"Theo. You aren't my friend. You wanted to protect me from pain, but instead you caused it, Goodbye, Theodore Dasun. I hope you have a good life."