Talla loved the cool and wet sensasion of the grass in the night. She liked to walk in her human skin in the moonlight, feeling as if only then she could truly be who she was. For she never felt like she belonged in her wolf skin. It always felt strange, to be the only wolf among the deer, to be the predator, the blood-thirsty beast among the gentle fawns and does, with their big brown eyes, and their royal posture. She often felt like her wolf skin was too tight, as if she outgrew it and now she could never belong in it again.

But when the moon shone brightly in the sky, and the stars blinked bashfully she feelt the urge to howl at the sky, as in the old tales. Talla almost howeld, but stoped herself, feeling ashamed of such behaviour. Instead she walked in her human skin singing softly to herself, wishing she was one of the does.

At the top of the hill Mael was waiting for her, eyes shining with delight as he saw her approaching.

“Come” he said “I’ve brought some berries.” Talla could have seen his smile from a mile apart, so bright it was.

They lay in their thin cloths on the wet moss, arms and feet tangled with one another. Her head rested on his upper arm, and she let out a sigh when her gaze met the moon.

“I wish I were like the others” she said.

“Which others?” he asked, although he kind of knew, but hoped she was talking about something else. Something he could actually change, and make her like whoever she wanted to be like.

“Like you” she said soflty, still looking at the moon. “I wish I wasn’t so drawn toward the moon. It feels strange, like I don’t even know who I am.” She then looked at him, smiling with sad eyes. “You don’t even understand what I’m saying, do you?”

Mael wished he knew. All he ever wanted was to understand her. To be as close to her as he could. Not answering he caressed her cheek, hoping that that would ease her mind. Talla smiled at him.

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