“Like A Bird”

In the summer I grow rather fond
Of watching the swans hover over sea
And often wonder what it would be
Like if they could be like me.
Rather, I wonder if I could grow wings
And soar above the stores and malls
Gliding between buildings
And downtown city hall.
To be like a bird
To have such freedom
Does that sound absurd
To fly towards a kingdom?
I’d fly south for the winter
Avoiding the cold in the city
Because snow stings like splinters
Leaving marks not very pretty.
I’d leave colors in the sky
And into the burning sun
But not before I die
Or not to be outdone
I’d perform circles in the air
Spreading my wings wide
Clip my feathers if you dare
I’ll find a porch to hide.
Maybe I’ll be a vulture
And swoop in on my prey
Or maybe I’ll be a Phoenix
And rise another day.
I would fly over lakes
Over meadows; over seas.
I would hover over oceans
To feel the ocean breeze
But most importantly of all
Why I’d be a bird
If only you would call
Maybe you haven’t heard?
I would fly to your awning
And hug you with my wings
And when a new day is dawning
Together we could sing.