We all regret something...
But you can't fix things that you've done, said, heard, seen or thought.
You can't undo what has been done.
But you can't forget about all of those disgusting moments ,They kill you. And you stop living.
Everyday of summer I wake up and I'm afraid of doing that same mistake.
I just want to lay in my bed, listen to music and stare into the sky, watch shooting stars that are dead and burnt. But you know what? Stars shine, until they are out of things that have been keeping them alive for many years.
I just think about my life... I just think about things that I would love to change, but I can't. I cant move on.
I regret.
That I hurt God and some people.
That I hurt myself.
That Im lazy sometimes.
That Im not doing anything with my life.
That Im living by the past.
That Im not a perfect daughter and sister.
That I do stupid things.
That I think about bad stuff.
That everything affects me.
That I can't accept my mistakes and I can't learn from them.
That I don't live my life to the fullest.

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I wanted a perfect life. And I couldn't realize that my life IS perfect.
I have dreams.
I have passions.
I laugh at nothing special like an idiot.
I have a family.
I have friends.
I have a house.
I can play tennis.
I can learn at school.
I can see.
I can hear.
I can smell.
I can taste.
I have legs.
I have hands.
I'm healthy.
I didn't experience a terrorist attack or a rape.
Im thankful.
Im happy sometimes.
So what do I enjoy ?
I love Christmas.

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I love winter.

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I love snow.

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I love candles.

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I love trees.

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I love christmas lights.

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I love sweaters.

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I love hot chocolate and tea.

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I love Snowmans, Santa, Reindeers//Christmas decorations.

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I love Christmas treats and fresh chocolate chip cookies.

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I love Home Alone.

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I love Christmas songs.

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I love animals.

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I love shopping for new cds and stationery stuff.

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I love getting good grades.

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I love dancing to my favourite music.

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I love playing sports.

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I love laughing.

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I love watching Moon and Milky Way.

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I love eating.

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I love WeHeartIt♥

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I love visiting new places.

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I love rain.

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I love shops or restaurants.

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I love woods.

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I love playing Sims.

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I love taking pictures.

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And the most important.
I love my family.
I love God.
I love much more things that make me happy but I dont remember them right now.

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But after all of that.
I still live by my regrets.
But I think I got through so much...
Be brave.
Be F-E-A-R-L-E-S-S.
Speak in class. Raise that arm. Ask questions. Don't care about mean girls or boys. They are not better. Don't be afraid to fail. Talk to that person. Reach your goal. Work hard. Talent is not everything, but hard work is.
Wanna be a youtuber ? Work hard
Wanna be a volleyball player ? Work hard
Wanna be a lawyer ? Work hard
You're too shy to sing or dance in front of your class but you love it ? Don't think about it. Just do it. Sing as loud as you can, dont let your voice shake. Dance as much as you can and dont let your legs become a jelly.

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Life is so precious, we have to be happy with tiny things.
But keep in mind, If you lost those tiny things, you would realize how important they were and maybe finally appreciate them.

What do you enjoy and what are you afraid of ?
Let me know.