Hello everyone<3
*First of all excuse me for my bad english its not my mother launguge
I am writing this articlue for those of you who are struggling in many differents ways
1) be strong
I know life is going to be hard some times but you have to keep your head up no matter what.You own it to yourself
2) be indipended
Dont let others handle you.you are responsible for your own future.Stop listening others who tell you what to do.Not everyone is good to us because they care
3)*be happy no matter what*
Smile!Is the best way to deal with everything.trust me.always do what makes you feel good.No one has the rigth to stop you for wearing,saying,do things you like
4) dream
Yes you can! If you want something figth for it and eventually you will achive.Set goals about life and do whatever you can to acoplish them. If you dont make it its ok at least you tried
5) love yourself
You are unique like a diamond.Dont ever forget that!

Thanks for reading it.Tell me your ideas