As we grow older, we learn things we wish we've known before.

  • I wish I knew that life is so short and to just enjoy my childhood, to never wish I grew faster because it will go away quickly, and the only thing left of it will be memories, I wish I was told to live my life to the fullest because god knows when it will all end.
  • I wish I knew that not all friends will have your back for the rest of your life, they'll either leave or stab you in the back. I wish I was told to not trust everyone.
  • I wish I knew that it was okay to be myself, I spent my entire life pretending to be someone I'm not.
  • I wish I knew that it was okay to participate in clubs, events and school activities. I wish someone told me that it wasn't "nerdy" or "uncool" and that they are actually fun.
  • I wish I knew that I shouldn't care about people's opinions, you shouldn't care what people say about you, just be yourself.
  • I wish I knew that it was okay to go to the principle's office at least once in your life, because you'll look back on it and laugh.
  • I wish I knew it was okay to make mistakes, we always learn a lesson from it. Not everyone is perfect.

But the most important thing is that we learn from our experiences and we keep going forward, never regret anything that brought you to where you are right now.