Hello Everyone!

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Thrifting is such a nice and affordable way to get some cool clothing. Sometimes I have even found designer items in thrift stores for half the price! So for today I wanted to share some tips on thrifting with you all!

Now let's get started!


Bring your phone and your earbuds. I know that whenever I go thrifting it always takes me the LONGEST time. So I recommend that you make a playlist of your favorite upbeat tunes and listen to it while you thrift! That way you can stay happy and energized the whole time.

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· TIP 2 ·

Wear very basic clothing while going thrifting. I really recommend this if you don't want any hassle while changing in and out of clothing. Go simple, like a t-shirt and some jeans. Instead of something like a skirt, stockings, and a blouse.

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· TIP 3 ·

Dig Deep! I used to have this problem while thrifting, I would just skim through everything and give up if i couldn't find something that I liked. Now, I make sure to look through every section and I always get a good find. Just look through and take your time! I can bet you that you'll find something you'll love!

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· TIP 4 ·

Bring some inspiration! I always save photos of cute outfits and items that i really like. Those photos can help me while thrifting, because I know what type of stuff i'm looking for. Even if I can't find exactly what i'm looking for, I still can find many similar items

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Well that's all!

I hope that this mini guide helped some of you! Good luck thrifting. Bye cuties!