I live in a world of my own. Since I was little, I didn't relate much to others interests. I was pretty much a loner. It wasn't until my adolescence when I discovered cinema. My family wasn't a big fan of going to the cinema, so I never had the chance to go. But later on, I found it. I found the magic.

I began watching Sofia Coppola, Wes Anderson and Woody Allen films. I felt conected to the worlds of this three directors. With Coppola I felt the pure instrospection and naivety of the female world. With Anderson I understood the importance of the family, adventures and being true to oneself. With Allen I felt like I could get the most out of my madness through humour.

Viewing films has become my true valuable passion. I love going to the cinema, not just with friends, but on my own. I feel confortable on my own skin whenever I go to see a new film. I connect with worlds that may be different from my own. I escape. I owe a lot to cinema.