1. House of the Rising sun - The Animals

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Talking about a classic right here. Even when you don't listen to rock, you should have heard it a couple of times. It is not only popular in the music industry, House of the Rising sun takes over the tv-industry as well. This song can be heard in films such as Skyfall, Suicide Squad and Casino. Even in tv-series as American Horror Story, Supernatural (let's be honest here, they have an amazing soundtrack) and Sons of Anarchy, this song can be heard. Fun fact; in SOA they made a cover of this particular song, you should check that out as well!
The song origins from the year 1964. It's about the brothel of Madam Marian le Soleil in New Orleans that had to close its doors in 1874.
The song was recorded by the band called 'the Animals', they recorded it in one take. And thus a classic was born.
The melody is a traditional English ballad, but the song became popular as an African-American folk song. No one can claim right to the song, meaning it can be recorded and sold royalty-free. Thus a lot of artists covered this tremendous song.

2. Bad Moon Rising - Creedance Clearwater Revival

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Here, we are talking about another classic piece of music. The song was released in April 1969 by the band Creedance Clearwater Revival. This song has also made the list in a lot of soundtracks for popular movies and tv-series and even videogames. Some examples are; Kong: skull Island, Supernatural, teenwolf, etc.

The song is inspired by the film: 'The Devil and Daniel Webster', in which a hurricane destroys a little town. The song is because of that link later used multiple times for different fiction-films and series.
The music makes this song sound very happy, but the lyrics are very bleak. CCR is usually known for their rhytm & blues kind of songs, just like this one.
A fun fact; This song contains a classic misheard lyrics:

"There's a bad moon on the rise."

is often misheard as:

"There's a bathroom on the right."

Even John Fogerty himself (singer of the band), sang this misheard lyrics during the 'Premonition' concert.

3. Child in Time - Deep Purple

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Ah yes, another great song. Some say it's one of the best rock anthems that existed, it stands next to stairway to heaven and bohemian rhapsody. Not only are the vocals chillingly good, the lyrics carry a great weight and the instrumental parts give you an eargasm. This is a song that is a symbol for a great rock era in our history.
The song comes from the album Deep Purple in Rock from 1970. Some say the song is a cover, but the band never mentioned the names of the original makers of the song.
The song takes a full 10 minutes. It's a protest song to the United states' war in Vietnam.
In an interview with Ian Gillan in 2002 (singer of Deep Purple), he said:

"There are two sides to that song - the musical side and the lyrical side. On the musical side, there used to be this song 'Bombay Calling' by a band called It's a beautiful day. It was fresh and original, when Jon was one day playing it on his keyboard. It sounded good, and we thought we'd play around with it, change it a bit and do something new keeping that as a base. But then, I had never heard the original 'Bombay Calling'. So we created this song using the Cold War as the theme, and wrote the lines 'Sweet child in time, you'll see the line.' That's how the lyrical side came in. Then Jon had the keyboard parts ready and Ritchie had the guitar parts ready. The song basically reflected the mood of the moment, and that's why it became so popular."

Giving for the time, the song was indeed released in the right circumstances. The whole attitude around the Vietnam war and actually every war of the United States was so weary and dreadful that people needed a protest against it. Because of that a whole new progressive thinking party enjoyed the American lobby, but let's not go too deep (purple.. hehe lol) in this particular subject ;)

I do hope I made some of you happy with these awesome songs. I am sure happy that I came to know these songs over the years. I will say that it is most fun to enjoy every kind of music, but to know that some songs have this great history and meaning, it def makes listening to music a lot more enjoyable.

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