When we were a kid, we would be asked about what our dreams were and as a little pure soul, we were confident to say that we wanted to be a writer, an artist, a president, or even a zoo keeper.

But it’s funny how the table has turned when we’re growing up.

In a journey called life, you will realize that we cannot just simply pick and tell people what we wanted to do, because they will be the one to tell you what kind of dreams that are acceptable. Often times, you will end up by trying to fit in others’ standards.

“Bear with it. Maybe this is how it works—in reality.” you will say, to your very own soul who lives in a dreamland.

But no, sweethearts.
That’s not how it works and life supposed to be meaningful.

I call it a hell when the idea of not being able to live my dream because I’m busy “making a living” comes up in my mind. I don’t want to feed my own sadness and misery. I deserve to live my dream. I deserve to be happy. And so do you.

It’s also such a paradox to universally define what happiness is because happiness is not necessarily mean wealthy, steady jobs, instead, often times it’s about self-love, self-worth, and acceptance. It’s proven that “happiest” states have the highest suicide rates.

In the stage of adulthood, your dream keeps you alive.
Because it sparkles from within.
It radiates a vigorous soul.
It feeds the hungry aspiration.
It keeps you want to live for another day.

And if people tell you that your dream is silly, impossible, infantile, naive, orthodox, or unambitious, then you shouldn’t listen to them because your dream matters. Your happiness matters.

Remember, you’re not living their life, but you’re living your very own life.

And you should be the one who determines how you want to live it.