Here in these articles I will give tips on writing. How to write without getting boring. Ideas for starting a story. Tips on writing from different characters. Tips for making characters that are intersant. And how you can grow them through the story. How to describe a character, how it looks. And how they are, what they are afraid of, what they like, who they give and who they hate. Also, how to describe your environment without becoming too long and unclear. And how you long or short stories disc. Either anything that has to do with writing! Every week I'm going to write something here. Do you have any questions, or send yourself ideas? Then I can help you with your question, or share your idea with others.


Writing is a big part of my life. It helped me to come through difficult times. But it was also a size hobby of me. With words you can do so much. You can make people small and make big ones. You can inspire people. Words can put people into action. You can drag people into another world. Writing is something you should be careful about. Because what you write can make people think. In a good way, but also in a bad way. Writing is my way of telling what's in me. I prefer to write fantasy stories, but also fiction stories that play in this time.