Hi guys!
As you know, summer is (unfortunately) slowly coming to an end. 😞 September is here, so that means automatically - school and stress are here too. 😟
But, the one thing that keeps me happy in these first school days is definitely the coming of fall. Here are 10 things that I'm looking forward to in the coming fall days. 🍃

1 - Suuuper comfortable and stylish fall shoes! 👢

boots, shoes, and brown image

2 - Yummy fall pies and food. 🥜

food, pie, and fall image

3 - Weather perfect for walks and daydreams. 🌂

autumn, fall, and rain image

4 - Sweet fall candles. 🎃

Temporarily removed

5 - Colorful and cozy sweaters. 😍

autumn, sweater, and fall image

6 - Stylish scarves everywhere! 🙆

autumn, fall, and scarf image

7 - Tea, coffee or hot chocolate in cute mugs. ☕

love and tea image

8 - It's the perfect time to read books under a cozy blanket. 📖

autumn, book, and candle image

9 - The colorful leaves make every view breathtaking. 🍁

paris, autumn, and fall image

10 - Throwing leaves around is sooo much fun! 💃

autumn, awesome, and beautiful image

That's all folks! I hope you enjoyed reading this. New articles soon. 😄🖤