she who lived in silence,
her mind once ran haywire
she who loved none,
felt heartbreak within desire
she who knew none,
left better to her own devices
and no one knew she,
an anomaly from all the crisis
she, Isa Belchér
she was one to watch out for,
a wanderess,
a one night stand,
an enchantress they'd die for
she who belonged nowhere,
she who belonged to no one,
an enigma for all,
but unsolved she falls.

So here she stood still,
an angel of serenity,
time a mere friend,
and roads a distant memory,
while the winds and rains violently licked at her skin with furious hostility,
comparing to none,
a new guinea pig,
for their sick twisted minds to keep,
they battered her body,
hit after hit,
but failing,
to bruise her thick skin,
there she proved invincible,
there she proved her win,
there she proved she was someone,
there she settled in.

Until he came,
the beast with his multiple skins,
now it was his turn,
to bring out the devil within,
and all it took was a slither of a touch,
the sinful words he spoke,
and a taste of raw sweet loving lust,
before her skin became tainted,
his fingers dug deep,
marking her very skin,
with sins, she couldn't leave,
now it's hard to remember,
who was she,
before she belonged to him,
and only him,
before her freedom had been ripped from her,
before her innocence had been unclean.

before him she was free,
and they knew her to be
after all, they remembered was her pulchritude,
and that was all she was known to be

© eden rosea 2017