I got a lot to say to you
But all of it comes out as a one big blur
Either it's a blur, or I'm scared
Scared to admit what'll ruin everything
I don't want it to just be a fling
I want it to be something that's everlasting
All these hopes & dreams
Wishing it would go & burst out to the seams
Sometimes I wish i didn't have these
But truth to be told, I think it's all just carrots and peas
I hate myself for liking her
But thinking of these feelings
Remind me of Harley & Joker
A love that fits like two puzzle pieces
But this whole relationship can get creases
I'm willing to make this work
So long as you take my hand
And go with me on this journey
With a glimpse of hope & array of colors
I take the leap of faith
And pray I don't end up in the hands of a wraith
The words I want to say are simple
Much like the smile that shows your dimple
I've been searching far and wide
For someone to love me and stay by my side
Not knowing where to look,
You showed me the way
Now that i found forever with you,
I'll never go astray
I never figured out who I really liked
Until you told my heart to be at ease and calmed
I'm lucky that I got to know you better
So this time, I don't have to hear the words
"go get her"
Because I already have you
I love you best friend, you're my one and only..