Let's state something before we start, you don't know how old I am and I don't know how old you are, ok?


Now, I wan't to talk about things that matter. I want to talk about feminism, about mental illnesses, about politics, about wars, about racism, about the education system, about love, about death and a lot more.

But every time I say something related to the topic, adults are always like "You aren't old enough to talk about it", "You have no idea what you're talking about", "You are young, you don't understand".


I mean, what's that all about? I am a person who has something to say and I want you to hear me, it doesn't matter how old I am.

People then complain that youth these days never think about things that matter, that all they care about is social media and the internet and the party that will take place next friday. But what do you want us to do? Every time I want to say something I think it's important you make me shut up.

You are muting our curiosity, our toughts, telling us that if you aren't old enough, you don't matter. And I'm sick of it.

What if I told you right now all my opinions about those things that matter?

How old would you think I am?