1. Grunge overall look

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Get or by any pair of overalls, and get any top like a plain white shirt, or a over sized sweater, and put some glasses or pins on it for more of a tumblr look.

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2.Modest Grunge

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Modesty grunge is like a slopy white(mostly) blouse or dress, with a mid plain or floral skirt for a more artsy vintage look, match it with a rose gold necklace or any simple jewlery like a cross, and flower.

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3.Smart grunge

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Is the look of smart pant's, and blouse of turtle neck shirt, or either a tight shirt with long sleeves tbh.

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4.Chill grunge

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Chill grunge is a basic blouse, and denim jeans, or could be with a simple skirt, it's like I'm drinking tea, and reading a book.

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This all kind of grunge looks tbh, this is so good for back to school as well, and even a walk in the park too.