Sometimes we need good vibes, even if you are the most confident person on the world.

i consider good vibes:

  • inspirational quotes
  • good instagram images/pictures
  • good tweets from your fav person
  • songs
  • series / films
  • books

I always look for some inspo and good vibes on these things and really works. But i have some advices.

On WHI we found lot of collections with cute quotes and everyday inspiration.

On Instagram we found good and bad vibes depends on how you look at it. If you look a photo of a perfect girl don't get sad because you are not like her, just try to imitate her. i am not saying you have to fake yourself, i mean you have to implement the things you admire of her. If is her hair, try some things to make it glow or if is their body, start some gym.

I follow amazing people on Twitter so I have always motivation. I follow people who makes me happy, who inspire me and some accounts about things i love.
Try always to surround yourself with your fav things.

Music is amazing and we can get some inspiration from our fav songs, just pay attention to the lyric.

Series and films entertain us but if you pay attention you will get some inspiration for your life and advice. same as on books!

Now you know that you won't stay without inspo never again!

If you try it all and you can't find it, just send me a postcard, i'll help you.

if you want any article, send me a post card