Hello, beautiful WHI people! You are reading my very first article and if some of you enjoy it, I'll make more of them in the future! This article is about five WHI accounts I absolutely adore. I hope you’ll enjoy it! x

#1 Adventure (@the_night_skies)

Guys, maybe you know it already, but Sabine’s account is the definition of perfection. I love how its style is so basic but beautiful and extraordinary too.
She posts some pics every day and since a few days she hearts some too when they fit in with the 'theme' of her account.
You can often read beautiful quotes or lyrics in her captions and sometimes she also puts some song recommendations in them (btw, her music taste is adorable and if you like songs by artists like OneRepublic or Lorde you definitely should listen to some of her recommendations).
Go to her page and hit the follow button (if you don’t already do it hahah) if you like beautiful fashion, quotes, travel etc. pics which doesn’t have special filters.

#2 inspiration ❥ (@VeroLalaian)

I've been following this account for a few weeks now, and I have never regretted it because her account is full of inspirations!
You can find beautiful pictures there of for instance (very delicious looking) food, nature (every time I see them I wanna have summer and I wanna be on vacation) and much more but caution: scrolling through her account can become an addiction!! :))

#3 муѕтєяу♡ (@Dream_landX)

If I should describe this account in one word this word would be 'tumblr' because every single picture there looks like sheer aesthetics, no lie! But that’s not her only account, she has more and I’m wondering how they all can be so gorgeous because that has to be really hard work.
She posts a variety of pics, but all of them are lovely, and that’s the reason why I love her account so much.

#4 qυєєи в ♡ (@fiftyshadesofhearts)

India is with her account my inspiration and that's why I've been following her since the start of my account.
All the images she posts are classy and extravagant, and I always get inspired when I scroll through her page! Because of that, she also deserves a place on my list.
If you adore pictures of quotes, girly stuff and black and white pictures, you should definitely check out her lovely account!

#5 ✿α ε ν ι τ ε r η α l✿ (@music_infinity)

The last account on my list is Kim’s but it doesn't mean that it's less beautiful.
Her images always fit perfectly together and with all of her different themes (btw, if you’re looking for some fall inspirations you have to check out her currently images).
It’s amazing that you can tell that she puts all her effort into her page and Kim if you're reading this: keep rocking it!! ♡
Do you like accounts with changeable themes? Then you’ll absolutely LOVE her page!

In conclusion, I would like to mention that I love so much more WHI accounts too like Ana’s (@soundmind) or Demi’s (@britishstars), but it would take an incredible amount of time to talk about every single one of them, so I only introduced you the favourites of my favourites.

Please send me a postcard with your opinions of my article and tell me if I should write more or if I should leave it hahah.
Have a nice day!

- Naemi x