Recently I decided I wanted to lose weight because i wanted to feel healthy and fit so here is my diet :

yellow, желтый, and природа image
What I eat in day to lose weight

Morning:1 cup of diced yellow peppers
3 egg whites
50 grams of white cheese
2 bread slices
-Mix them all in a non stick pan and leave until peppers get mid
soft spices to your taste i prefer black pepper,salt and oregano.

Chicken, delicious, and yummy image

Lunch:1 chicken drumstick skinless
1 cup of yellow peppers again
Half of a tomato (It gives it so much tastes)
1/4 of a cucumber
Oregano,salt,pepper and a pinch of vegeta condiment

breakfast, egg, and sugar image

I know its weird but i like eating eggs for dinner but you could switch the meal up if you want to do this meal plan.

Dinner: 3 eggs baked so you dont need oil
season them and thats it .

I eat about 1 cup of popcorn a day air popped any healthy snack like a fruit or two can be eaten .I drink 8 glasses of cool water a day.This is about 800 calories so if you want to add something to your meal its okay as long as its healthy and doesnt pass 1200 calories .I reccomend Lose It -its an app that helps you count your calories and gives you the calories you need based on your age ,height,activity etc.Have a beautiful day and remember you are GORGEOUS :)