Ahhh, iced coffee, the drink that is acceptable to consume anytime, and anywhere (well not really, but you get my point). Of course it's more convenient to buy pre-made coffee, but it does get expensive to buy a coffee every single day from your local cafè. So why not make your own for less, and that too in the comfort of your own home? If you want to know two methods on how, keep reading!


Stuff you need

Coffee grounds (any kind)
Coffee filters or Paper towels
Ice (Frozen Coffee)
Milk and/or cream of any choice
Sugar (if desired)


A large jug
Something to hold your coffee
Ice Tray
Coffee filters or Paper Towels
Straws (if you want)


How to make cold brew

  • Mix around 9 cups of cold or room temp water and some coffee grounds to your taste in a large jug.
  • Cover the pitcher, and let it steep for at least twelve hours in a cool place.
  • After steeping, the grounds and water must be separated. To separate, put a coffee filter, or two paper towels over a sieve and carefully pour the mixture through to separate the grounds.
  • In a glass, add one part coffee concentrate to three parts cold water or milk. Add sugar if desired. If you would like ice in it, pour some of your coffee in an ice tray and freeze until, well, frozen.
  • Add the coffee-ice into your coffee and enjoy! (Note: Milk will make the coffee lighter, while cream will make it a bit heavier)

Hot Brewed Coffee

  • Brew your hot, fresh coffee. If you want sugar in your coffee, add it now because science says that sugar will dissolve more easily in hot liquid than cold.
  • Transfer your freshly-brewed coffee into a jug. Let the coffee cool to room temperature for a hour, then move into the refrigerator for a further two hours to thoroughly chill. (If you want to freeze some of your coffee in an ice tray, you can do it after it cools to room temp)
  • Fill a glass with the chilled coffee, add your coffee-ice cubes, and some milk or cream, if preferred. Stir and enjoy!

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