Okay I'm gonna talk to my followers about me... well,rather my account.
Bc I don't know...
Even tho I'm spanish, I'm gonna write in english for you.

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First of all, when I knew about these things of "articles", I was curious but I didn't have any idea of what to write...

Since then, I've already seen a lot of articles... They're interesting, they look great, there are really pretty and deep poems, journals, etc.

And then, there's me..............

Whatever now I'm here xd.

When I got into WHI I really enjoyed all the pictures I could find. I didn't even care of how my account looked like, that it wasn't "aesthetically" or "esthetically" pretty and organized.

All white, esthetically ""perfect"", all the same, all boring.

My account is trash lol, I know XD. But that's how I like to use WHI, I find all the best pictures and memes of what I like here.

Of course Tumblr is the king. But when I'm only looking for pictures I come here.

As you can see I love anime, and I have some specific collections

This is one of my favourites, I really loved this anime and is too underrated. (most of the pics are my own screenshots xd).

But now I'm more into kpop (I'm obsessed) lol.
Seventeen are my lovely children and I'm in love with a big trash called Jackson Wang, he stole my heart.

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I love cute stuffs ❤, and you can see that in my other collections (aesthetics, fashion, illustrations, etc)

Also love this collection.

Also have my "Japanese" collection to learn a little bit, and my "Tutorials" collection for drawing, fashion etc.

And of course, my love for superheroes <33

WEEEELLLL This became reallyyy boooriinnggg but I didn't know what to say.
I'm from the south of Spain, and I'm only 19 years old so....

I think no one cares. 😂😂

Whatever there's a really important and final fact about me

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Yeah boi.

Also enjoy my memes and forgive my "engrish" 😂

I love you aaall ❤❤