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I'm back with my second article! Today, I wanted to share with you my tips and tricks to achieving winged eyeliner. In the beginning, it can be quite confusing, and it doesn't appear as easy as it does on YouTube and other social media platforms. However, hopefully these tips will get you on the right path to achieving it!


Technique #1:

Items needed:

  • tape
  • liquid eyeliner
  • concealer

Once you have everything ready, start by placing the tap along your eye where you want the eyeliner to be.

For example, it should look a lil something like this. Make sure it creates this 'triangle.'

Temporarily removed
Notice how the tape is angled towards the brow

Draw on the eyeliner at the base of the tape. You can go as thick or thin, and as short or long, the choice is yours.

eye, eye liner, and genius image
And obviously when you're done, pull it off as seen here :)

Then, use concealer to clean up any smudges.

Technique #2
This next one might seem a bit odd, but it did help me a lot and it was actually kinda fun! I call this one "trace the dots". It reminds me of when I was little and in school you'd have to trace the number or letters that'd lead to the next one. I can't even remember what it's called but this video should give you an idea.

And as always...use concealer to clean up.

Technique #3*

Now, this is the one that personal worked for me the best. Everyone's different, so it's okay if this doesn't work for you.

  • liquid eyeliner or gel
  • concealer
  • concealer brush

So, for this you need a liquid or gel eyeliner. Next, take your eyeliner and start imagining where and what angle your eyeliner is going to lay at. I personally find it easier to look at where my eyebrow ends and angle it towards the end of the brow.

The way I start my eyeliner is starting in the middle of my eyelid and working my way to the end. Once I get to the end of my outer lash line, I'll flick it out going towards my brow.

This last step is the most important because this is where most people mess up. When your connecting the eyeliner back to to the middle again do not start directly where you've place the tip. Go just a tad bit under it (still on the eyeliner) and then proceed to connect it back and etc. I sounds like a lot but trust me it's really not I'm just going into details for you. Lastly, use concealer to clean up if you must. This one has always worked for me.
...If you're still lost or need a visual here's a link! :


OR (this is the one i used):



I hope this helped!!

xoxo India โ™ฅ๏ธŽ

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Cover photo credit: shaaanxo on instagram