1. Wear clothes that make you look more slender, and slim, and even taller, to have more of a model appearance.

beautiful, girl, and jewish image

2.If you have a slim, and long face, and like to wear makeup, put some tint, or blush on the side of your cheeks bones(blend it with finger), for more of a circle face, put some cute blush on your face for a more youthful look.

3.If you are tall i suggest you to wear high waist skinny jeans or high waist skirts, and any blouse or shirt.

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4.If you have dark hair, a bronze, or dark golden shimmer would like stunning.

5.If you have clear skin, and to bring out natural beauty put oil on your nose tip,and bridge, forhead,chin.

girl, model, and beautiful image

6.If you have pale skin, put some light brown bronze on your eye lids, and berry tint on your lips(Not to much), for brown skin, and dark skin, put dark berried tint on your lips, and for brown skin put any thing like light tint berry colored or any thing that match your skin tone/shade doe.

Those are the list to have a fresh, and beautiful model appearance, and look to you for any day, and even back to school though.