I live in Houston, TX and as I type this I'm not only thankful to be safe but I'm also worried.

I've been watching the news since before the storm hit land

Things aren't so great at the moment but Houston is trying to pull through.
People from Louisiana and other cities/states are trying to make their way to Houston with boats to help save people who's homes are being taken over by Harvey.

Receiving help is only getting harder as Harvey keeps raining on us. Freeways are filled with water and roads are blocked by the water. People are trying their best to find a way out either through boats or walking in the water.

But walking through that water is very dangerous but it might be their only way to safety.

The bayous and ponds have been overfilled which of course means anything that lives in it has now come out.

we have driven around the streets trying to get to our other family and trying to see if there is a way we can help others/.

It was to no success we have been trapped in by the flooding.

Sink holes have formed and a couple of people have been reported dead

The numbers are still unknown and the city is trying their best to help and keep everyone calm.

Please keep Houston and everyone caught in the storm in your minds, hearts and prayers.