You dragged me along,
Like a punctured tire
undecided: Whether to fix it
or leave it

You went along,
With every mile sucking all the air
Out of my tired body
I kept moving along
Through every break and acceleration
We finally made it

Mmmh, did i say we,
I, meant you
You dismembered me
With every bolt you turned
I wasn't part of you

I was strung with anger and hurt,
Tear dripping down my chunky cheeks
Hot sweat, leaving me cold and shivering
Heart pumping like a marathon runner
Mouth flickering trying to get a word out

But I couldn't.

Was it anger,
The disappointment or maybe the dismay
I couldn't decide what to feel
Who was there to make decisions if you left

I gazed, glanced and stared but you never looked back,
Was I that horrifying
Or maybe it wasn't me for once
Maybe you became blind because of them
They told you when to look and when not to
They bought you glasses when you almost lost sight of their scenery
In spite of all that i thought your vision was clear
Never once fractured , but you broke it

Eventually you broke me.