This heart of mine knows not what it desires
For the past decade, it's done nothing but to admire
Scared to make a move, on wards to fame
So it's stuck in the same place, the wall of shame
At times it chooses, but for now I want it to rest
Just so that one day, it can find a match that fits best.
Sometimes, it makes my mind think that the one has been found
But the truth be told, it's one wild heart,
Like a dog caught for the dog pound
It's deepest desires, I cannot say
Although I believe, it will find and show me the right way.
I loved a girl like a fool
But it is as if there there is no way of coming back from this whirlpool
The human heart is a great mystery
It grants you love and joy, but sometimes
It curses you with misery
"You're not just another number,
for you truly are the only one"
How I long to scream those words
But think we are on different sides of the world
Falling in love with you was like a step you cant take back
But i know that someday,
The one will hit the reset and put me back.