Hello everyone out there reading.

I'm currently sitting behind my computer with a cup of tea in my hand because even though it's still technicaly summer, and it's not freezingly cold outside, I'm just way to exited about autumn.

Autumn is easily, hands down, my favorite season of the year.

I've noticed that this is rather odd, because you're supposed to love summer, right? But I just can't help it. I love autumn.

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Of course I still love summer and winter and every season, but it's something special about autumn.

Most people probably dislike fall because it's the beggining of imprisonment and responsibility, and I totally understand! I dislike work and school as much as the next person but let's not make that our main focus because it will take away all of the great things autumn has to offer.

autumn, cat, and cosy image
My not-so-little-anymore kitty cat.

I'm always told to live in the present. Because I'm very good at doing the opposite... So let's get excited about autumn!

Let's all get into our autumnal moods and drink lots of tea, read good books and listen to the rain.

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Let's wear oversized sweaters, the ones we've owned a little too long.

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Let's glide around on the floors in warm, fuzzy socks, blasting our cozy fall playlist while eating big red apples and dancing along.

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Let's lay in bed and don't do anything on a sunday morning while listening to the heavy wind storming outside.

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So to all my fellow autumn children, let's do it!. Let's enjoy all the great things to come.

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Life is breathtakingly beautiful.