I know that's isn't easy but It's worth at the end.

When you were a child you dreamed to be someone you love, be like a princess or the singer you loved.

Then you grow up and your fav things change and you realize that you like other things.

You become a teenager, adults start to saying that you have to have your feets on the ground and your dreams got rid.

You become an adult and was forced to choose your career and you started to think on money and forget what you love.

Dream, quotes, and light image

Then you finally starte to work and realize that is not what you want and this makes you sad.

So, why don't we change the story? Why don't we start to follow our dreams? Why don't we start to doing what we really love? Because if you know who you are and know what you like, nothing matter but your hapiness.

Make changes now hat you have time, because then will be so late.