Hello everyone!
My name is Janina and i thought that the new We heart it update would be perfect to introduce myself.
So as i said my Name is Janina, i'm 16 years old and from Germany (excuse my english if i make any mistakes).
I play handball since 10 years and i taught myself how to play guitar 2 years ago. At the moment i try to learn to play ukulele so as you can see, i really love music. My favourite bands are Panic! at the Disco, twenty one pilots, 5 Seconds of Summer and the Hunna (they are not very known but you should check them out because their music is awesome). Also i'll graduate next year and hopefully will be able to travel a lot after it.
I'm not quite sure if i will post many articles in the future but i will probably share some of my favourite songs and some bomb playlists.
I think that's enough for me. Feel free to send me postcards if you want to get to know me better or just want to talk because i would love to talk to you.
Janina :)