'Sometimes I wish I was born in 70's It feels like life is so messed up right now. Even though there was a lot of terrorism, hate and attacks in the past century, it feels like there is more right now. The media posting pictures about another attack in Europe, Twitter trendings with 'prayfor...' and even more. We're in the middle of all those attacks now because of television, youtube and live videos. More and more people fall into a depression. School isn't about learning anymore, it's about getting good grades. It doesn't matter if you forget the information after one week, as long as your grade is good. Because grades represents us. They don't teach us the value of love, family, friends. They teach us knowledge. It feels like life nowadays it's only about manufacture and earning as much as money as possible. We're not thinking about feelings, we're only thinking about production. All those poor animials, locked up in a small room? Do we ever think about their feelings? No, because a lot of companies only think about dollar signs. And what happened with love and friendships? We're texting each other saying 'I miss you, let's hang out soon!' and we all know it probably won't happen. But back in the days people actually went to go outside and hang out, because there was no phone to text. Sometimes I really wish I was born in the past century. But maybe our generation is there to change the world, to change life. And that begins with myself.'