I don't know if i'm really an artist ,but I love to draw .A little bit too much. And as I grow up ,i still love art but little by little I lose hope of being an artist in the future .

I'm always like " I draw ,i draw but what am I going to do with it all, so many canvas and paper" , I have bags and bags of my art ,and my room no more look like a room.

But one thing I know ,i'm always gonna draw ,it's my life ,there is not a day where i don't draw something ..And i'll continue to post it on my social medias, that's all.
And my goal is to go to france ,to maybe study art ,or just live there at la place tertre at monmartre and draw

social medias to look at my art
instagram : @happy_crazysunflower
facebook : Ks arts /@grungeka
tumblr : happy-Ncrazysunflower