Hi there,

I have already finished my last year in high school so I can give you some advice about what to do to have a great year.

1. Take part in all of the programs your class/school organizes. Even if you don't feel up to it. You will regret not going to those programs.
2. Dance at prom. It will make a good memory you can laugh at some years later.
3. Spend time with your classmates. After high school probably you won't see them for a long time.
4. Prepare for your exams. Don't leave learning for the last moment. (I know, I did it, and it's not pleasant.)
5. Look for universities, go to open days and get as much information about them as possible.
6. Be open-minded. I thought I knew for sure where I want to study next year, then I accompanied my friend to an open day at another university and I really liked one of their courses. I ended up applying for that university instead of the one I thought I would go to.
7. Don't be lazy. Write your homework and prepare for your tests.
8. Enjoy your lessons. You may think that you won't miss your teachers and the lessons...trust me, you will.
9. Pay attention on your lessons. You will never know what you will need in your future. (I'm speaking from experience.)
10. Just enjoy your last year in high school.

I hope this little list will be helpful for some of you. There were things that I really disliked in high school, but there are plenty of things that I sure will miss.

I wish you all a memorable and fun last year in high school.