She tries to be an early riser
As the morning vibe seemed so blissful
The soft sun rays shining through the window
It is as though everything was at peace..

She loves the smell of coffee in the morning
As the fragrance wakes up her soul
Lighting up the smile on her face
Happy to start another day..

Her life is so perfect, they say
As they seen it through picture perfect moments
Snaps that only lasts 24 hours
Snaps that are commonly called “stories”..

But is that all there is to tell?

With those angled pictures and videos posted
Judgement of someone can be easily questioned
A story of someone’s journey can be so easily concluded..

Happy moments don’t happen everyday
Even Cinderella was given a standard time
Before all the beautiful things were taken back again..

She tries to be an early riser
As she knows she has a standard time
To make the most out of who she is
What she could give and take..

When the sun sets
Her genuine smile decides to take a break too
As she knows there is nothing to be smiling about
The moment she got back
To the place she would call anything but home..

She is held captive
In a reality that was created for her
She is held captive
In a body that she doesn’t wanna be in..

But she knows she couldn’t be kept forever
For her hunger for adventure grows
“wait and see” she whispers to the world..

For she will one day be nothing like what everyone wants her to be
She will only be who she wants herself to be
Portraying the canvas she herself created..

Thank you all for reading, it is my very first post. hope you all enjoyed it :)