Hi beautiful people!

I'm really excited about the new articles feature! You'll definitely be seeing more from me in the future but I just wanted to start by telling you a little more about myself...

  • I have an undying passion for animals, and my ultimate goal is to become a vet (Check out my animals collection- it has everything from baby turtles to puppies!)
  • I love music: Golden oldies, new jams whatever it is
  • I've always wanted to start a blog as I'm an aspiring writer, but never really got around to it so this is a great way to get my stuff out there
  • I'm obsessed with journalling and reading, and just books in general!
  • Nature inspires me, and yoga keeps me grounded
  • I have a serious sweet tooth which makes chocolates and cupcakes one of my total weaknesses
  • I enjoy expressing my creativity through designing and scrapbooking and basically just throwing together whatever I have and ending up with something I'm proud of
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If you're wondering what kind of stuff I'll be posting, I'm wondering that too! I'm kidding ;)

If you like articles about journalling, advice, personal reflections, poetry, stories or random lists of favourites, then stick around 'cause you'll like what comes next!

Hope you all have a lovely day and a lovelier life <3