Hey guys! :D My previous article was on having a fresh, perfectly planned morning.

Today I wanna share with you guys how I keep my surroundings tidy. And I don't just mean sweeping the house and hanging up some motivating art, I mean really organizing your home, yard/garden, and your neighborhood.

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It's pretty hard but easy at the same time to keep a green, pretty environment. I'll give you some tips!

I put together some helpful tips to keep your visual environment at its best. Remember though: somethings like gardening take time!

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Plants won't come immediately if you plan on planting them yourself, so be patient!

Alright, get a mug of your favorite drink and let's get to work. Today I will be showing you how to keep a neat and inspiring visual environment!

1] Sorting out your closets and shelves.

You never know what hides in the back of your closets, and under your bed! That's why it's always helpful to get two boxes every six months and sort it all out.

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Keeping your clothes tidy and neat is very useful, and helps you pick your outfits faster.

Arrange your clothes by either size, color, material, or what you use more often than others. For clothes that you haven't used in more than three months, throw them into the box marked with an X, the one where all the clothes you don't need go. Ones that are torn or something, should be thrown away. Donate the rest that are in good condition, which you don't use.

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If you have pieces of clothing you know you won't use, give to charity or send it to someone you know will use it.

Trash usually lies under the bed, clear it out and sweep under ever week or so because dust collects there quickly. As for shelves, give away books you don't want/need, and clean every one of them. Tidy up any thing out as decoration.

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Keeping a neat shelf is very important, it helps with organization, and is more welcoming for guests.

2] Organizing the kitchen.

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Cooking may not be your hobby, but it's a skill everyone needs to master. That's why keeping a sunny, clean kitchen is very important.

Not many people like cooking, but definitely no one likes cooking in a messy place!

The first step to having a neat place to make your meals and snacks in is to work with the cabinets and cupboards.

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You can't stuff all your cooking and meal items into one cupboard. Neaten it up and buy more than one if you don't live alone.

Keeping the cupboards organized is very important. Follow a certain style if you're the one to keep a theme.

One of the best themes for a kitchen is the wooden, farmhouse style.

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Greenery and wood make a pretty kitchen.

Hang up funny and cute food quotes in wooden frames, hang a few pot plants from the windows, and choose nature over modern style. It really brings out a fresh feeling and gets you in the mood for a healthy breakfast!

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Plants are very motivating for a healthy day, and know how to make you smile and feel fresh. Just make sure they have enough sunlight!

Adding bookshelfs also helps. Not only cookbooks! Many different ones with a variety of genres. It makes the kitchen look neater and more welcoming.

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Books were always nice. But they're even better when placed around nature and sunlight. It gives off a productive vibe.

Your kitchen can't just be decorated and expected to stay neat. You need to get it messy to know you did a good job on your meal! But always clean up. Don't leave the dishes for the the next day, and wipe the counters after you've used them. Neaten the cabinets every two months or so because it's natural for things to get jumbled up, and remember to take care of those plants and give the kitchen a good, healthy smell.

Have fun decorating!

3] Overall home decoration and art inspiration!

Art and nature play very important parts in a productive life. They freshen the mind and motivate you.

That's why crafts, paintings, quotes & sayings, plants, pets and books are the best decorations. Sculptures, too!

Bring the outside, inside by simply buying plants and placing them around the house. Buy many books for a few shelves around home, and get a little aquarium because they're very calming. Or, some people like dogs some or cats! Turtles, birds, fish, all sorts of pets!

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If you're going to have any pets, make sure you have everything you need to care for them!

Framing quotes, paintings and calligraphy is also really beautiful and inspiring. Buy pillows with quotes on them, hang up a board of art, and place glass or clay sculptures on your shelves. It's very artistic and beautiful.

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There are all sorts of inspiring, artistic decorations fo your home! Some you can make on your own!

If you're feeling a little crafty and kiddish, YouTube is always there! Bunting is one famous, easy and cute crafty creation used for decorations in homes and parties. Fairy/Christmas lights too!

Origami is like sculpting, and too, is very artistic. It symbolizes many things, and many people use it a sense decoration at home.

Origami tutorials are found online, as well as in paper art books. It's very popular, fun and perfect for the house!

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Origami (left) and bunting (right) are very easy, pretty and fun to make! Tutorials are easily found online.

4] Outdoors.

The area outside your home is what welcomes the guests and even you when you're back from school, work or a trip. It defines your style and shows what type of a person you are. Keeping it neat is very important.

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Making your house look tidy on the outside is just as important as keeping the inside clean and green.

Pick up any trash, water the bushes and trees if there are any. If you live in an apartment, focus in making your door look welcoming. The doormat plays an important part as well.

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Go online for welcoming front door looks, and funny doormat quotes!

Keeping a clean street is also important for the environment. Wahs your car (if you have one) every month and keep it tidy on the inside as well.

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The condition of your home and car say a lot about who you are.

Once done, you'll know your house looks the way you want it to be, and the way it should be.

Thank you so much for reading, it means a lot! I hope this helps you make your life better and healthier. I'm sorry for any silly typos, I have a swollen eye and it's given me blurry vision, and this keyboard constantly freezing doesn't help! XD But I'll be fine. (:

Thank you again,
BYE ♥️

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Bye guys! :D