When the bell rings, sit in silence in your own seat, pull the chair and put your hands on the table. Do not talk. Do not look out the window. You can only look at the board and the professor. Be focused for 7 hours and always know exactly how to answer the questions asked. You can only hear what he says. If you do not do it, you will be punished. Your opinion is not taken into account because it says that the wrong is carried out by a professor. It is true that he and no one else speaks. Who does not agree with what he says, everyone who has a different opinion and stands and says it, will be punished and sued. When you come home, do 15 things. Write down the assignment by 1 am and sleep for 5 hours, if you do not, you say you are a lazy one. It will tell you that you should be enrolled in another school, weaker because you are over and over for this. And you're drawn, you're singing crap, socializing with the threats. You want to express, say loudly to everyone you think and feel, but in school, you said that this is wrong, so you prefer to sit down at the desk and with the misty and tears you do a task that you do not understand because you do not care about it.Enter your dreams and talents Because your whole life tells you that you are not good enough, that it is for other people, better and smarter.