NOTE: I am in no way stating that everyone not mentioned is horrible or have uninspiring accounts. This is just my opinion. Additionally, there is no order from the "most inspiring" to the "least inspiring", I'm just writing this normally. (Sorry about the lack of pictures/collections too as I am doing this through my device and not my computer.)

Hello to you, awesome person reading. I honestly don't know if this is good but hopefully my next articles will be better! with better writing next time!

- @HeyMyNameIsYasmin is one of the many inspiring hearters and her account is absolutely flawless and goals. Not just because of her follower count or because she's a Heartist, merely because she has an amazing feed which inspires me to post more. She has a range of pictures and different collections and she is always actively adding more. Her followers are always updated everyday as she is always on and inspiring others, through her images or her articles.

- @music_infinity is another amazing hearters, again not because of her follower count or because she is a Heartist. Her monthly themes and wide variety of images really makes her feed and account special. She, too, has interesting collections and most of her pictures are the ones that she posts daily without fail. Her articles are always exciting and she is just full of ideas for her account.

- @ir4tze is actually a new close friend I have made but I didn't put her here because of that. I encouraged her to start posting, and she did, and has gained many hearts. Although she doesn't always post images that often, many of the pictures she hearts and the collections she has are amazing. She hearts very daily and her feed is absolutely gorgeous.

@9andy also has a beautiful feed, updated daily. She is very active and has variety of collections. Her daily posts of astounding photos inspire me to post even more everyday. My home pages is always filled with her pictures and wide range of types of photos.

@the_night_skies is another amazing and inspiring account. Even though she doesn't have many collections, her feed is always blossoming with breathtaking pictures. She is a daily Hearter and she does not disappoint her followers. Everyday she posts a diverse range of images which both delights and inspires her many well-deserved followers.

These are just the very few of the Hearters who I find inspiring. I may do a part 2 soon, but before that, there may be other types of articles from me!

Anyway if you are reading this now, I thank you for reading and being able to trudge through my mass of horrible writing but sincerely, thank you! I hope you enjoyed, and will enjoy my future articles!

~ Trish (da fangirl)